Thursday, September 18, 2014

once upon an eye

 the greatest thing happened to me . i opened my email to find a letter from pamela tan, asking if i would like to make an animated short  film together. i had to read the email several times. i, as we say in the film - could not believe my eyes. we met weekly to discuss the look, feel, and type of animation. mostly we laughed.  we brainstormed the characters and story. it is because of pamela that the film became what it is. this is true collaboration, and a beautiful unfolding.
how fortunate that the title Once upon an eye was still available, no one else has yet thought of it...?
we are using an ipad mini and rigged up a top secret  private EYE animation clubhouse. 
there will also be a book, the website should be ready soon and find us on facebook to get updates.

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Don Webster said...

I would like to see this.