Sunday, April 26, 2009


this is monkey, i originally wanted a monkey, but when i read about the upkeep, i got a cat named monkey instead. yes she is as she looks. a "pip". ah another great old word. she spends alot of her time on my back, around my neck and ninja attacks when i least expect it. why just yesterday i was trying to talk on the phone and she kept trying to get the phone away from me.this is her awaiting an attack, but the flash of the camera lights her position. shes tucked atop my computer, at night its dark in that pocket. as i stood up to reach for something in the shelf above her, i was given a good furry paw swipe, as you can see in her expression. she has shown up in a few of my paintings, and i am tempted to put a stripe down my nose like hers. i am a member of her tribe.

trip to wonderland

wonder still how i will pull this off, so far it seems still a mystery. but at last here is your invite. the opening will be a mad hatter tea party. so dress-up is welcome.
afraid to say i decided not to wear the "classic" wonderland outfit, but i will wear something a little more "spirited". liz tilley is making me a custom apron. so i really think it will be fun, do try to stop by and you have until november to see it!!! i will be updating and changing it as the months go by.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

trusting the universe

a very special customer that now lives in philly, requested a sighting of this painting. it's not finished. so i thought i would post a preview. even i have no idea what i will do to it next.
for now, i will just move on to the next panel, entitled" alice was fearless." i hope, as i slowly unleash them in a sketchy form, somehow i will be possessed to give them what they need. i guess its like gardening, but i am terrible at it. so that"s probably not a good analogy. i have only a couple of weeks left to whirl myself in this story. i guess i too, will trust the universe.

Monday, April 6, 2009

" mad "

hung out with artists this weekend. now that is pretty "mad." when you are with them, you notice you start to feel sane again. how perfect to walk down an alleyway and run into an artist that you can later meet for drinks. even though its served in a paper cup. i have been feeling "mad" lately , there is no such thing as normal. i am sure of it. when have i ever felt normal? is that a place we want to go? .a peek of my cheshire cat in the trip of, i wouldn't pet that cat either.