Thursday, March 25, 2010

silent call

this is my copyrighted  work for a book concept. i love that you can't hear it. but you know its deep. i thought i didn't have the best hearing. but thats not true. that was just a random thought in my mind that i held on to. since upon realizing that, i am tuned to even more..................................

Monday, March 1, 2010


i am in the house, teetering. some days i amaze myself when i actually perk-up.finding creative sparks through the gray. thank goodness for show business. i have two brand new shows-one is at fine line bistro on state st, the other is at korova bar on the commons. the piece above is at korova. this show is on paper, they are real posters. interesting how i can work even faster on paper and there is this very cool energy that comes from just going for it. they are somewhat mixed media, with my images cut out kind of like wall paper. i do not like those posters that hang in the workplace- so these are my attempts at inspirational works slightly askew. at korova the , tim who takes care of the shows custom painted the walls to compliment my art. now that is awesome beyond the call of duty. he said my new show is really urban, i agree.