Tuesday, September 20, 2011

humpty and alice

just got back from a wonderland, down south,  in georgia.  my parents and sister reside there and now my son also. we went out to eat in one of my parents favorite restaurants and i was introduced to the waitress, when i said hello and extended my hand, she said "oh no in the south every one hugs", and the waitress hugged me. next morning we went out to breakfast and i was introduced to yet another waitress.................... awkward, didn't know if i was to hug her too.
my family piled into an already crowded elevator and my mom began introducing herself  and her two daughters to everyone in the elevator.. the elevator people all yelled "goodbye joan!" as we got off on our floor.
later that day,  my mom drove me around her town in her red golf cart, gunning it down the hills, close to the edges, then stopped, she said "oh dear i have no idea where we are sugar."
i also got to see the closet my mom goes in when there is a hurricane warning. she sits in there with a towel wrapped around her head, throat losengers , the cat, her pills and a checkbook.
 this is where my art comes from.
by the way, humpty is back on the wall again.