Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Risk to BLOOM

It is about springing! The painting shown is a portion of a large painting. The risk to bloom is an image I am passionately exploring, in art and spirit. Really all my paintings are in code for something deeper at work.  If you would like to see the painting, there is a painting tab above. Also it will be hanging at my new show in the Fine Line Bistro at the end of April.
Other great news is that I will be painting a mural in the city of Ithaca, stay tuned. Please look for my cartoons in the next issue of Fresh Dirt Magazine. There is a new show hanging in Manndible Cafe at Cornell. How do we know for sure it is spring? The farmers Market opens the first Saturday in April-look for me there as well as in Ithacamade. Yes there is always the possibility of visiting at my studio of course. Lastly I plan to have a show of my illustrations for a book in process. It will be a launch of a dream I've had, so a big festive party is in order! I know I will close down Cliff Street for it. Oh sorry, I got carried away. Do not worry though, you are personally invited.