Thursday, February 19, 2009


i ask for grace several times a day. my mind gets flooded and taunted with memory. everything and nothing is familiar. all i know is that i must keep open, positive. creating what i want. next. i need to paint, but i have stopped for a while now. just keep making sketches. have to make my wonderland, but i am not sure of the terrain. mapping it out. putting myself in the new. heart pulls back. just step outside and love the day, should that be so easy. i sit outside the box.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

go ask alice

a quick little sketch of alice. this is going to be so much fun. alice in wonderland is all about change, and the words i am pulling out are fantastic. and who should not seek advice from a catepillar smoking a hookah. i spent the afternoon filling my newsprint notepad full with ideas. and words. when you walk into the room it will be through a giant keyhole. now it will have to have hinges so all can enter. i have it worked out in my mind. and on paper. test is in the construction. i adore cardboard. i think alice lives in a paperbag. paper or plastic? wonderland is in the bag. oh no, there i go. curious and curiouser............

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


i just read in one of my books that once you make a change, then it's like you can't stop. could this be true? what does werner think. this is a portion of a long paneled painting titled change. i have been riding that wave. you really have to
break open. it's also cool to see all the changes other people made, since i made a change. i get dizzy if i think too much about it.
so, i am creating a big new show to hang in the fineline bistro on state street, right after saint pats day.word on the streets say it's the hottest and best restaurant. after that it's the alice in wonderland show. i have always wanted to do that. but no, i don't think i will wear that dress and socks she wears. is it pink?