Thursday, January 19, 2012

heart to heart

my intent every morning,  with coffee of course,  is to have a heart to heart with myself.  each day i read a page from the book of awakening and treat myself by wearing my reading glasses.  my cat monkey almost always attends the ritual.  a marvel it is, to take that time.
so this is the time i need to make valentines for hearts, not minds, and this is the first one.  it is available on my website. sorry i have to make a sales pitch.  you see i still love it, so it is a very good catch.
today the song in my head is nothing could be finer than to be in carolina , do you know that one?  it is quite odd because usually the song in my head is- oh them golden slippers.  a friend of mine always sings- if i only had a brain, if i were her, i would come up with a new song.
i did feel a song rise when i took time to make tofu scramble this morning. i would have it at juna's cafe which is now manndible cafe.  oh dear i must make another sales pitch to see art,  i just changed the show up at manndible, it is a wonderful place to be in winter, really.
what a wonderful thing to just write to world, thank-you. yes, here in upstate ny, it makes it easier than going outside sometimes.  so i need to end this with more heart to heart than brain waves. i know !  i will end it with a quote by anais nin :

and then the day came
when the risk to remain
tight in a bud was
more painful than the
risk to bloom.