Wednesday, May 26, 2010


look beyond.  a friend gave me five panels and i am making a series based on my new favorite word-beyond. i just think that is the cutest fish ever. i am the sign of the fish, usually going in two different directions and very deep. so see how wonderful it is to pop your head out from the depths and look into the moon.

Monday, May 24, 2010


this is a preview of a surprise raven painting i am posting to make sure the colors and frame, will do. they had seen a similar painting years ago and still remembered it. each one of the large paintings i have done are one of a kind and have a very unique frame. i also do not make many, they are very special to me. this raven is painted a little wispy to give it a bit more spirit and age. if the owners have more of a color request to go with the room it will hang, i can still do that. please send me an email with what you think or leave a comment on my blog. i think they have carried this painting in their minds eye for about three years. they saw me in buffalo at allentown festival. 
so if you would rather, instead of a framed piece, i can cut out a big half circle piece of wood and paint it in similar colors or with a santa fe adobe brown orange background. i vaguely remember it was to be in a screen porch. and how protected should it be against elements.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


opening this friday- may 7th at 120 w.state st .(above state of the art gallery) my new studio showroom and show called "MOVED."
i do not want to say to much about the show, as i am still in the process of being moved to create it.  i have moved into and created a new place for my spirit.  i want to capture that in line and plywood. no doubt i will be moved to see all who wish to visit my creative place.