Wednesday, March 25, 2009

fine line

hung my show at The Fine Line Bistro. it will be up until may 12th. i got to hang the show with one of the owners, danny, it was great be there. and well the paintings do look good in that space. very intimate. danny strongly suggests i come in the eve when the lights are low and theres that orange glow. the image shown is one of the paintings i had kept at home for myself but now its at the bistro. i painted it and loved the humor in it. didn't think of this while making it but afterward i remembered i am a pisces. so this sums up everything. don't worry i am finally riding in the right direction.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


this is my initial painting ( not done ) for the alice show- entitled" Curiousity changed her", a trip to wonderland. this is only half of her. she is ten feet tall. wait till you see her dress, why of course theres a raven on it. we are finally going somewhere. (me and alice) that is, i also finished to a sketch point one large painting, panel entitled " trusting the universe". now i will just keep cranking them all out to see how the story unfolds, then i will finish them. i guess in a way i have entered wonderland myself, it's rather unknown. but alice was fearless in the story. i plan on surrounding myself in the six foot panels, hopefully ten and see how it feels. thats what its all about. how do you feel? not how are you doing. but how do you feel. stay tuned for the cheshire cat and pillar.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the cards

i had my cards read and also my palms. i have been stuck. she was able to read my invisible map . her words set me free. i knew they were true. amazing. this is a portion of a sketch of a series of soul ish maps i am making with mr. sun werner and sir ben. the sketch which i did before the reading, came true. i was told i will also be coming into money, lots of money over time. boy will that lift your spirits. the next day i received three piles of cash (about 550.oo). so this is a wonderful start and i am ready to finally delve into my next projects, whole hearted. had to sew up some wounds. i have never had the courage to have my cards read but i knew this woman could read me. probably because i could read her. and no i didn't go to that place on meadow st. it's like you are walking around with no skin and then this person can see that. it shifts everything for you.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


this is a sketch of my dad drawn by my daughter sequoyah. yesterday was my dad's birthday. kids call him"pop". i don't think a photo could capture him the way she did. we sent this to him as his card. my dad's name is albert. he was named after einstein. true story. he is indeed very much like einstein. sometimes those two grey long side tufts of hair with a good gust of wind is when you can clearly see the resemblance. my dad can fix everything. he was a medic in the korean war and he still also has this amazing medical intuition where he has saved many people. i often wonder if he would be different if he wasn't named after einstein. let me also say that my dad helps me in my art . he creates some of my ideas i send him as a sketch into wood. oh don't know if you can tell in the drawing but my dad is very proud of being german. he even listens to ompah music on long trips. my dad always told me if i need anything give a whistle. he lives in georgia, i live in upstate new york. i am still whistling.