Wednesday, June 17, 2009


a sketch for a commission table top. the line in the middle represents where the table actually opens up. i will either burn or carve the line art into the table. i have a strong desire to carve, since the map show. now i think of all my drawings as maps. this image is for finding home, where they meet, again and again.the oval in the center is a portal. i guess this is another portion of "somewhere."

Monday, June 8, 2009


oh my goodness, this piece is made of metal and over 6 feet tall. not sure of exact dimensions. the client that purchased the piece from the wonderland show sent me this image. it also hangs on the wall but she decided to take it down and let it rest, awaiting to greet wedding guests. i just love that she did this and sent me the photo. right now it is in bed in a guest room. she did not send that photo .
anyway i feel i can rest a bit now too. we had a really good turnout for the map show. it made people happy, there was that was all quite surprising. lots of spirit and kitsch fans and members!! teaming with ben and werner is inspiring. so if you check out you can see some photos of the upstairs gallery show. although it is best to see it in person, as it is with all things, yes?

so here i am resting.or parts of me. that huge urge to create large is resting, but will awaken easily. meanwhile today i need to deliver two emergency ravens. two different people saw me at my farmers market booth on sunday and both needed one for a gift for their husbands. so today i will put one in each of their mailboxes.