Friday, October 30, 2009


this is not the best shot of the Holiday Spirit store window, a work in progress. it's just the backdrop. i love cardboard. natasha keller is working on the two side windows. she might be really liking cardboard now too. it is so great working with artists at the fly by night store we are creating. another artist susan rollings just came up with this brilliant way to get us the best cardboard ever. i can not reveal our source just yet. werner sun is going to help us with the pop- ups and technical wow factors. later, we are then going to put on a puppet show, based on a fairy tale written by rob costello. no, we have NO idea what we are doing, but it will be fun. we open THIS friday gallery night!

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BSOB said...

sounds pretty dang cool yo. im hoping Gary will be there to represent the blogging community