Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the cards

i had my cards read and also my palms. i have been stuck. she was able to read my invisible map . her words set me free. i knew they were true. amazing. this is a portion of a sketch of a series of soul ish maps i am making with mr. sun werner and sir ben. the sketch which i did before the reading, came true. i was told i will also be coming into money, lots of money over time. boy will that lift your spirits. the next day i received three piles of cash (about 550.oo). so this is a wonderful start and i am ready to finally delve into my next projects, whole hearted. had to sew up some wounds. i have never had the courage to have my cards read but i knew this woman could read me. probably because i could read her. and no i didn't go to that place on meadow st. it's like you are walking around with no skin and then this person can see that. it shifts everything for you.

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome, Alice! I've always wanted to have my cards read by someone who actually knew what they were doing, but I've never had the nerve somehow. I hope she told you only good things, because that's all you deserve :-)

I love the new sketch and I can't wait to see what the three of you come up with for this show!

rob (it wouldn't let me log on as myself, so I had to by anonymous :-( )