Saturday, December 13, 2008


I thought artist was a good title, because that's what i am doing, now. alot. I have been so busy haven't had time to keep up on my blog. (thanks rob)
If you can, there's still time to catch a show with me and Werner Sun, an unexpected collaboration called" uplifted" at the Thou-Art gallery in groton. a wonderful venue to visit. Also there's about a week left to catch a show at the Manndible Cafe at Cornell with Ben Marlan.

the image shown is a preview for a show i will be in at the Tompkins County Library entitled "seeing in the dark", opening on Jan. 23rd. You can't go wrong with that title, no matter what you do , it will work. We are constantly seeing in the dark, especially when making art. I also will be in a show at The Kitschen Sink called "hearty Souls" , oh no the opening is almost the same date, it's the 24th.
it's such a pleasure to have so much opportunity...

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Cloudbuster said...

Hey Alice,

I LOVE this new piece! The title is perfect too. Thanks for updating your blog for me :-) This is concrete proof that people do, in fact, read it! I'm psyched about your library show. Werner and I can't wait to see it!