Thursday, February 19, 2009


i ask for grace several times a day. my mind gets flooded and taunted with memory. everything and nothing is familiar. all i know is that i must keep open, positive. creating what i want. next. i need to paint, but i have stopped for a while now. just keep making sketches. have to make my wonderland, but i am not sure of the terrain. mapping it out. putting myself in the new. heart pulls back. just step outside and love the day, should that be so easy. i sit outside the box.


Cloudbuster said...

I know how you feel... Been feeling a bit aimless myself these days. It's sometimes a struggle to keep focused.

BSOB said...

seems like you got a good method. you should come out here one day and paint. it's surprisingly helpful. christi does it all the time. focus is a powerful thing. so is change

BSOB said...

and when is rob going to start his own blog?? c'mon rob. whats the matta... scared of a little old blog?