Monday, September 24, 2012

tears broke

Today i went to a funeral. She planned it herself. She even had her sister give us her parting words of advice. There we all were, connected. Luckily before i went i tended to my garden and wore lots of jewelry, because i thought it would help. Tears broke today of the shear beauty. I wondered the difference of sorrow and joy. Today they were mixed into one.
I call this painting "spirit," it seems to be perfect for today. It's good to touch the earth and gaze up at the sky, and hold those you love.

Oh my it was such a beautiful day, below the surface.


Werner Sun said...

Beautiful painting, beautiful words. Thanks, Alice!

aliceinblogland said...

thank you werner, i didn't want to forget the day. not that i i think it was transforming. loved seeing your work at the seahag today and she said you sold a piece.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for calling to tell me of this experience. And this painting is really very moving.