Friday, July 17, 2009


this day last year was the last day of the gallery spirit and kitsch. i didn't remember what day it was. a dear customer ( now friend) emailed me to tell me he had the day on his calendar. it was a beautiful letter he sent. it created a different way in which i would move through july 17th. he said it was like being spiritual, but not having to go to a church. i am just out in the world making art. so are my other spirit and kitsch all worked out perfectly..... thats me and "cloudbuster" going over the details before i rode off on that horse, have the apron on because i would also be selling hotdogs and popcorn. and yes cloudbuster usually wears a suit but for once he just wore his derby.

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Cloudbuster said...

How could you! I'm not wearing my suit :-(