Tuesday, April 14, 2009

trusting the universe

a very special customer that now lives in philly, requested a sighting of this painting. it's not finished. so i thought i would post a preview. even i have no idea what i will do to it next.
for now, i will just move on to the next panel, entitled" alice was fearless." i hope, as i slowly unleash them in a sketchy form, somehow i will be possessed to give them what they need. i guess its like gardening, but i am terrible at it. so that"s probably not a good analogy. i have only a couple of weeks left to whirl myself in this story. i guess i too, will trust the universe.


BSOB said...

This paintings looks amazing alice. i havent seen anything like it from you. it must be a process.

Cloudbuster said...

I'm with Ben, Alice. I can't tell you how much I LOVE this piece. It's amazing, so full of wit and magic and energy. I'm so impressed by how inspired you've been by the theme of this show. No pressure, but I really think this is going to be a milestone in your artistic career! I just keep looking at this painting over and over again, and it charms and delights me more each time. It's totally absorbing! I can't wait to experience this show!!!!!

aliceinblogland said...

wow thanks ben and rob! i appreciate your input, i was wondering if it was too much, but now i will forge ahead,thank you.