Wednesday, December 31, 2008


now there's a word thick with so many, many meanings. but after creating so much work for the holidays, i have had time to just be home. i do work from my home so i am home alot, so what am i talking about ? proping myself up in bed with lots of pillows, coffee and a newsprint note pad just doodling. decided to follow bear and pretend i am hibernating. got a good bottle of organic wine, and remembering how much i love winter? no, but i should because i do live in ithaca, a very cold planet.

i am working on pieces for the upcoming show at the kitschen sink and shown is my newest piece, entitled well, HOME. the fun part about this piece is that i actually live on a cliff. so i wish evryone a moment of home, whatever that means to you, and hopefully you are surrounded by some type of the arts. it can make you feel magical and lucky.

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